It’s the most sort after crypto currency early investment course in the world, but…

“You Can’t Buy This Course Unless You Swear Never To Reveal It To Anyone Else!”

Only a limited number of lucky students will ever be exposed to this privately held life changing course acknowledged by early investor enthusiasts as “the most definitive course on the subject of ICO investing leaving nothing to the imagination” that outlines exactly from A-Z how to get on board this freight train to financial freedom quickly, efficiently and successfully.

Even proven Crypto investment pros have picked Darren’s brains for hours about his techniques, confessing that he alone has the transferable knowledge capable of taking a complete newbie and turning them into an investment powerhouse capable of extraordinary, life changing results.

This is white-hot material destined to set your investment mind on fire. Its guaranteed to piss off alot of investors that are already making an obscene amount of money (Proof Below) because it adds more competition and boosts the skill level of those who act fast to A+++.

In fact its so damn powerful he’s named it…

“The Crypto Millionaire Fast Track”




As stated before this course is in high demand and people have begged and pleaded for this game changing course, but only a select lucky few will receive a copy of the Crypto Millionaire Fast Track Method.

Think about it if you had the opportunity to literally write your own cheque, how much would you put on it? and the questions no-one asks is how many cheques left in the cheque book?

That means if your looking at this page right now then your one of the lucky few and congratulations as there are people out there wanting this course and will do anything to get their hands on it.

You see, these techniques are so powerful that even the cameraman who filmed the over shoulder videos in the course has become a master Crypto Early Investor doubling his first investment in only 4 weeks. But unfortunately, 99% of the people who want the ‘tell-all’ Investment Method will never see it.

(And I MEAN never… everyone who buys it has to sign an Iron Clad Nondisclosure Agreement)

And the chances are, by the time you get halfway through reading this letter, it will be completely sold out.

Just imagine being one of the early investors in Raiden Networks (RDN) delivering a staggering 10 times Return On Investment in just a few short weeks.

Or Power Ledger and getting on this freight train for another easy 10 times ROI

Even Red Pulse (RPX) 10 Times in just a couple of weeks…

All these were clearly identified using the Fast Track Method WEEKS before the opportunity even opened its doors! 

Raiden Network
Power Ledger

From the editors desk

Dear Fellow Crypto Investment Enthusiast…

You are reading a letter that I never thought I would write and only God knows how you ended up on this page…pure chance I guess. However, the number of calls and emails from people desperate to purchase The Crypto Millionaire Fast Track Method keeps growing and growing…And with good reason.

The Crypto Millionaire Fast Track Method has proven to be the most effective and most powerful collection of videos and pdf’s ever to be produced on the subject of HOW TO Invest In “Initial Coin Offerings” (the 21st Century version of raising capital for software projects that are changing the shaping of the world as we know it).

Just imagine being able to read and watch exactly how to participate in young upcoming companies that could Double, Triple, Quadruple your initial investment in as little as 30-60 days with regular 5X and 10X even 20X and 30X your investment in just a couple of short months.

Its similar to investing in companies like Apple back when they were first starting out, Microsoft when they created there first menu system called “Windows”, and companies new to the tech world like AirBnB and Uber. Just imagine having the opportunity to participate in these companies when they are raising venture capital to go to market so you can capitalise on their parabolic growth.

Well, that’s exactly what this course is all about, it literally hands you the keys to unlock opportunities like ICON, Wabi and Dragon Chain that delivered 100X to early investors in just under 4 months… That’s 100 TIMES the initial investment folks. And what if I said that these opportunities were as recent as Q3 and Q4 of 2017!


And what if I also said that these weren’t just 1 off speculations, that these were strategic investments that YOU knew of WEEKS earlier. Now do you see why people are crawling over themselves to get hold of this course?   

Within just 3 days of learning The Crypto Millionaire Fast Track Method, four men in a social experiment I call experiment #1 (most of whom who had no clue about Crypto Currencies) were participating in Initial Coin Offerings made available by game changing, Blockchain companies set to explode onto the greater world markets with their ground breaking technology and only requiring the last round of capital to do so!

And here’s the kicker…

NONE of these guys had much early business venture investment knowledge, fat bank accounts, or Crypto Currency knowledge.

In fact, some were in their 20’s, some were 30’s, some were 40’s, and some were early retirement with little to virtually no money to their names.

And almost ALL of them believed it was impossible to make such extraordinary returns.

But after the first day of receiving the course, their concept of what was possible was SHATTERED!

They Came From All Walks Of Life…

When I decided to put on an EXCLUSIVE workshop to teach the The Crypto Millionaire Fast Track Method, I wanted a group of individuals who couldn’t have been more different, just to PROVE to myself and all the nay-sayers out there that you don’t need to be a big Venture Capital Fund or Multi Millionaire to participate in early investment start ups to make double, triple and even quadruple your money in under 60 days or the possibility to 10X and 20X your investment if you wanted to wait a little longer.

And in the end, that’s what happened but I didn’t want to just stop there I wanted more legitimate social proof…

Firstly they were shocked (participants in experiment #1), I was shocked, that I was able to impart 15 years of investment knowledge into an easy to understand course that a child could read. So I REPEATED the social experiment AGAIN (Experiment #2).

This time with individuals that I had never met in my life before and I knew would not have the slightest knowledge of who I am and what I could do for them just to test the deliverability of the content across the internet to people in the far reaches of the globe just to see if the instructions in the course could be understood and applied with zero assistance from myself.

I also asked them that on receiving the course and reading the content that they reply in a public forum with their review.

And here are the results… RAW and UNEDITED I even included the spelling and punctuation mistakes!


I am a totally newbie and after flicking through the first time then thoroughly reading the info the second time, I can clearly see this is very powerful information and most probably the best A-Z course I have ever taken.

Its clear info with no stone left unturned, everything you need to succeed in the crypto sector is at your fingertips. If you put all this valuable info into practice you can have financial success for years to come.

The supporting extra video was a bonus and helps to give a clear path for you to follow.

The 90 pages is all meat and potato, no fluff. With clear images and do this do that actions, Darren has made it easy for a 12 year old to read and take action. Its that clear and actionable.

I am so happy I was given a review copy and would gladly pay $XXXXX-$XXXXX for this information all day long. its that promising, I am so focused now because of Darren’s course, its a real winner and now is the perfect time to get in on this crypto goldrush as it clearly is the future of making money.

I have tried so many ways to make money and this is the most easiest solution I have ever come across that actually makes me want to go all out to put into practice.

So if your a newbie or worried dont be put off you will be able to read this A-Z course and put it into action straight away. you can even see profits in days, weeks or months ahead. In my honest opinion this is going to be the best course to buy for 2018 period.

Darren is a family man too and very honest and you can tell he wants to really help people. he is a credit to this forum and am so glad I have met him.

I have 1 clear direction in my head now ICO’S. It is my main goal in giving my family a great future because I know how to really make money now.

Cant thank you enough Darren I wish you all the luck in the world with this couse. I am 100% positive you will do well with this because its excellent solid info.


I have gone through the course and First and foremost, I want to say I am no newbie in the crypto space, Have started 5 months ago with ICO’s and have been able to go from an experimental investment of $300-400 (Don’t even remember exactly) to 4.41 BTC in Pure Profits and 1 BTC Still invested in different ICOs.

Back to the Course.From an Experienced point of view, this course is exceptionally Amazing.I can’t stress enough how simple Darren has put each and every information of not just ICO’s directly, but right from What Altcoins is to making wallets, to securing coins to, finding and researching ICO’s to Making tons of money and Repeating.Plus a nice little chapter on Taxations too.

This is a COMPLETE A to Z of crypto investing.I am happy to have got my hands on this and Would literally pay a hefty fees happily to learn this Stuff if I was a Newbie to this Industry.

I was told by Darren to tell him if he have missed something or any new information can be added.Well, I think there is already more information that needed.But its good for people just getting started.And I have not seen something as detailed as this.

Thats my review of the course, Glad to have met you my man.Look forward to work with you on upcoming ICOs and make tons of money as we already are doing.

There is always room to grow and stuff to learn no matter how good you are, and I my friend, have learned some great new tips today.

The King

PRIVACY NAME – Rebellious

My honest and unbiased review:

I too have received the course and I must say it is very well written and informative enough that even a newbie can understand what he is saying. No technical jargon or any of that stuff, this book along with the accompanying video is well worth $XXXXX or more. I have not seen any other course that can compete with this.

I consider this to be a Cryptocurrency Encyclopedia because he breaks it down to very simple language that anyone can interpret. Like the King said above, this is the complete A to Z course on Cryptocurrency and it’s perfect for those who are interested in investing or ICO’s but doesn’t know where to start. Darren even mentioned about starting a movement well………I am all for it!!!

I want to thank Darren for giving me a copy and asking for a review. I give this 5 stars and yes….it is worth $XXXXX (or more). Darren, you have outdone yourself and I thank you.

Well there you have it. Pick this up because this is a sureshot.

Peace be with you,



My honest review:

First and foremost, Darren I would like to give my condolence to you and your family at this time of your lost, stay strong for your family.

Secondly, thanks for the review copy, and to my fellow members, I have been through the course 2 times just to be clear on what I have read and to make it sink in a bit better.

I can truly say that the course from Darren has been an eye opener and I have learned more that I expected, I have been in the Cyrpto game for about 6 months now and what this course has layed out for me is a road-map, and without going into to much detail.

Darren takes you step by step, from a beginner to a knowledgeable Crypto trader, giving you insight into the world of proper ICO research, where to get the right info to make you more confident in choosing the right coins.

I believe this is worth $XXXXX or more, and I would buy it with out hesitation, also knowing that this will be ongoing with all the other parts that will be introduce by Darren and his team that he is getting together.

I shall be contacting Darren Privately to ask if I can participate in this and be of service to him,as I believe that I have some skills to offer that may be of interest to his group.

For my review i give this course 5/5.

To all, stay blessed


These Teachings Have Literally CHANGED THEIR LIVES!

And They Can Do The Same For YOU…



Need Proof? Look At Some Of These REAL Results From Early Investors Participating In Initial Coin Offering’s

Telcoin Example
Dragon Chain Example
Icon Example

TelCoin Trade

Investment $12,927.80

4 weeks later Exit Partial Position Reducing Risk In The Trade To ZERO

Floating Balance of $113,830 STILL IN THE TRADE RISK FREE!


DragonChain Trade

Initial Investment $8,990.67

5 Weeks later Exit Partial Position Reducing Risk In The Trade To ZERO

4 Weeks Later Exit Partial Position TAKE Partial Profit

3 Weeks Later Exit Partial Position TAKE Partial Profit

Floating Balance of $328,720 STILL IN THE TRADE RISK FREE!

Icon Trade

Initial Investment $21,215.71

5 Weeks later Exit Partial Position Reducing Risk In The Trade Close To ZERO

3 Weeks Later Exit Partial Position TAKE Partial Profit

3 Weeks Later Exit Partial Position TAKE Partial Profit

Floating Balance of $1,640,000 STILL IN THE TRADE RISK FREE!

See My Dilemma?

Here’s the problem I face: Frankly, I’m concerned The Crypto Millionaire Fast Track Method might become too well known and get used without responsible guidelines.

That’s why I spent a fortune on copy protection software that my friends in the entertainment business use to hunt down file sharers and bleed them dry.

…And that’s why I almost never released it in the first place.

In The Wrong Hands, This Is Dangerous

The Crypto Millionaire Fast Track Method has proven to be the most effective and most powerful collection of money making techniques ever to be produced.


And when you even mention that you have knowledge like this powerful, people instantly break down your doors begging for a taste of it. They even literally want to through money at you, I actually have Angel Investors I used to idolize now calling me for Crypto investment advice!

And guess what….?

This can be you.

And what’s more…

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never purchased a crypto currency like bitcoin, ethereum or ripple before…

It doesn’t even matter if you know what they are…!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a rank beginner, or have been struggling with your finances for decades…

And… it doesn’t matter if you still think I’m lying to you about how easy this is.

Nope. The ONLY thing that matters… is your desire to learn how to get on board the fastest moving market in the history of man kind and how you can position yourself to make boat loads of money from it.

Just read what C.S.W. had to say after he reviewed The Crypto Millionaire Fast Track Method.


My review:

It was a privilege to review Darren’s Crypto Millionaire Fast Track Guide, he is the real deal. The guide itself is thorough, well written and leaves nothing to the imagination. It will lead you step by step on how to speed up your ICO research and seize the best opportunities available in the ICO investing space.

Truth is, the task of finding and vetting worthy ICOs requires due diligence and this can be “very” time consuming. This guide will save you the time (and money), whether you’re a crypto noob or veteran sleuth.

I will note that investors from the USA and other countries where ICOs are facing regulations will have less opportunity to participate in the future. Unless, of course, you’re already an “accredited investor”. Then congrats, then you’re above the law:).

5 stars :). -CSW


I will note that investors from the USA and other countries where ICOs are facing regulations will have less opportunity to participate in the future??? Unless, of course, you’re already an “accredited investor”. Then congrats, then you’re above the law:).”


Its the reason why this method works so well is because countries like CHINA have banned ICO investment and the USA placing restrictions is the best possible thing that could have ever happened!

You see what they havn’t placed restrictions on is the trading of crypto currencies just the investment in the capital raising and while this news sent waves of terror through the investment communities I jumped for joy and doubled down on my investment positions. And here is the reason why…

You see if a company has an excellent product, a capable team, appropriate token metrics and the hype is phenomenal then guess what??? USA and CHINA investors miss out!

And you say this is a good thing….?

Absolutely you see when these tokens/coins  get listed on exchanges generally a couple of weeks later guess what happens…?

USA and CHINA investors can BUY… often this is done in a feeding frenzy like you have never witnessed before. Its sort of like Seaguls fighting over a Chip on Bondi Beach

Its absolutely crazy and your investment that you did just mere weeks ago all of a sudden is listed at 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X, sometimes 10X your initial investment!

The fact is, this stuff works. And it works fast.



And if that didn’t get your money hungry juices flowing….

Here’s A Taste Of What You’ll Get In The
Crypto Millionaire Fast Track Method…

I’ve done all the work for you.

I’ve spent 15 long years in the trenches doing the research to discover every secret investment technique in existence.

If there was a rumor of a money making opportunity, even on the other side of the globe, I hunted it down. If there was a guy claiming to teach investing in some God-forsaken corner of the country, I found him.

If there was a whisper of a secret anywhere, I tested it.

In my years in the investment community, I’ve studied every single ebook, CD, video, course, and seminar I could find.

But I was never satisfied with what was given to me. Something was always left out ???

The truth is, 99% of what you hear is either played-out or never really worked that well in the first place. Forex Bots, Indicator This, Bot That, Internet Marketing, Drop Shipping, CPA Arbitrage, Property Wealth Creation you name it i’ve been there.

It wasn’t until I got into early stage investments, testing and developing my techniques, that I figured out how to TRULY multiply my investments FAST. (And yes, this is MUCH more detonating than anything you have read in books or found online)

When I decided I wanted to release the The Crypto Millionaire Fast Track to a select few, I sat down to create a course that was unlike any other.

First of all, this is a downloadable course because if this page is open I want to get it to you fast!

Devour its contents and put it into action as fast as you can so you get a return of your course investment and realise for yourself just how powerful this education really is ASAP. 

What you see in the contents section below is the real deal. You can access it instantly. We live in the 21st century and we participate in 22nd Century Companies and Technology

You can print it, hold it in your hands, smell it, and taste it (if that’s your thing).

It will always be around for you if you want to refer to it,  on the toilet or read it in bed at night, this is a full-blown COURSE… Hands down like NOTHING you will ever see again and a market like you will never know again so you must act fast.

I have produced this all in simple ABC do this do that terminology an 11 teen could understand (Yes I asked my 11 year old ….eh…. excuse me 11 TEEN year old daughter if she could do what this couse said to do….and she did! Little did she know I wrote it else she would never have done it…why is that? you ask your daughter to do something and she absolutely categorically will not and when someone else, some complete stranger asks her to do the exact same thing she goes ahead and does it without any coercing…why is that!!!! )

Here it is from the top Here is exactly what you get.

Actual Picture of Members Area Bellow; As you can see clearly laid out an 11teen year old could understand!

Members Menu

INTRODUCTION (Literature,  VIDEO and Step By Step MIND MAP)

This is were I explain the method in its entirety, I really dislike when you have to read and read for hours on end then TRY and decipher what the Guru/Educator was trying to say. So BANG I hit you straight up with it. 

I even include a picture and a video walk thru. So when you read thru the rest of the course everything falls into place. It took me months of testing and tens of thousand of dollars in experimenting to get this method to the most time efficient process possible.


Ah the legal part, Yes I will even say it here, In no way shape or form is this financial advise. I am not a financial adviser or representative. Investing is Risky and you should use only funds that you can afford to loose. So is crossing the road…. The ONLY way to reduce your risk is get educated… Learn to look Left and Right…get it?


Just so we are all on the same page here this course is a HOW TO not WHAT TO cause that would be financial advice…. This is HOW TO and WHERE TO GO to find the information you need to then make your own informed decisions.

You had needn’t worry I show you a fast track method that will blow you away to make those decisions of yours virtual No Brainers again not financial advice… After all the course is Crypto FAST TRACK and not Crypto mess with my mind let it sit on the shelf with the hundred other waste of time courses you may have. Just Pure Actionable content.


I explain this in great detail via Video and Pictures Even an 11 teen can understand. Selection the Fast Track Method, Where I Have Found The Best Entry For What I Consider Very Low Risk And Extra Ordinary High Reward Plays For Double Triple and Quadruple Returns,

The Secret Exit#1 when you see this you will literally shit yourself with excitement its hilariously simple yet no-one talks about it and reduces your risk in the trade by 100% SO YOU HAVE NONE!

I then go on to explain the 2 Price Trajectories and when you can expect prices to go PARABOLIC….MOON BABY YEAH, and of course a Profit is only a profit once its realised, so when you exit the trade well there’s accounting and tax to do yeah, this is a REAL business after all, YOUR Business?


I show you whats possible be careful not to dribble and make sure you hold your chin because your mouth will definitely hit the floor. And a big word of caution DO NOT READ this section before bed..

It will keep you up ALL NIGHT with excitement so great that viewing internet porn from here on out will become BORING !


Yep got you covered here, took me days of 24 hour research to cut through the scammers and false websites trying to take my hard earned cash. I couldn’t be bothered to show you the bad ones although they are clearly recognisable these days with such bad websites I don’t want to waste your time.

So just go here to this one and this one and this one instead. All names and links clearly displayed. I always say do your research first but as I said before FAST TRACK I have already done the research and there are plenty of quality reviews around these majors they are the best in the world and as i use this method on a daily basis I will always update the course to the best that I have found.


2. HOT WALLET CREATION – which ones I use and why

HARDWARE WALLETS – Keep your portfolio safe from BASTARDS that want to steal your hard work.

3. SENDING YOUR CRYPTO FROM EXCHANGE TO YOUR WALLET – This education will save you thousands in mistakes. Been there done that learn from my mistakes. I’ve made them all so you don’t have too..


RESEARCH THE FAST TRACK METHOD This is just GOLD saving you hours and hours if not days of time. In fact can be done in no more than 10 minutes a week… Yep I truly mean that, I don’t want to sit in front of a computer all day doing research I have better things to do with my life!

DUE DILIGENCE how to do it, once you identified your selection then you MUST dig a little deeper just to confirm and satisfy your own mind again not financial advice this is HOW TO not WHAT TO.

5. HOW TO MAKE AN INVESTMENT – Yes HOW TO DO IT and WHAT you are really making an investment in. So many people get this wrong its unfathomable.


7. SECRET EXIT # 1  FOR QUICK 2X, 5X and 10X in under 30 Days and cut your risk in the trade to ZERO

8. SECRET EXIT # 2 FOR 5X, 10X, 20X – 100X  for a little longer (Examples of 100X in 4 months examples)

9. CRYPTO BACK TO FIAT THE FULL CIRCLE  – How to covert your Crypto Bags of PROFIT to REAL CASH if you want to…

10. ACCOUNTING AND TAX  –  The boring part but hey I treat this as a business, better than any job I know. And just a heads up I always suggest you seek the appropriate professional advice as I am not a TAX adviser.

GLOSSARY – If you are in this business you need to know the terminology



NOTICE: This Course Is Being Sold Under The Following Conditions:

1. You must not be a member of a professional investment advisory firm who will turn around and release these methods as your own. If you do – your lawyers will scream in pain when my lawyers nail your thieving head to the wall.

2. You may not resell The Crypto Millionaire Fast Track Method – ever. If you don’t think these techniques work, I’ll buy back your course and sell them to one of the people on the waiting list. They’ll laugh at your decision when they begin to live like rock stars.

3. You can not show these videos in a group – even your best friends. I mean think about it – do you really want them to be earning more than you?

4. Look, I understand that you don’t know me neither did the individuals in my social experiment # 2 and Social experiment # 1 well they do know me and do you think I am going to give them the wrong information? I do not release these materials lightly. It has my NAME on it! If “The Experiments” gave you a glimpse into the world of what is possible, “The Crypto Millionaire Fast Track” will vault you to the top.

5. Once you’re convinced this course is the missing piece you’ve been searching for, you’ll be invited to meet me and your fellow Crypto Millionaire Fast Track students in our mastermind where I’ll make sure you are using and internalizing this stuff. No one but the select few members of “Crypto Millionaire Fast Track” will be allowed and No-one gets left behind

6. You sign the Terms and Conditions Agreement – No If’s No Buts.

Bottom line – no one gets this program unless he/she agrees to these conditions.



The Only Other People In The World To Learn This Paid over $10,000 Each as you could well imagine.

The question is, are you prepared to pay $10,000 for this course?

You should be.

Not only have many people ALREADY paid handsomely for half of this information (and many offered 10 times what I was asking as a consulting fee), but you simply can’t put a price on these life changing methods.

Think about this:

Which was the last investment you made that achieved just a 100% ROI in 30 scratch that I ‘ll make it 60 days just to widen the scope for you a little ? I would dearly love to know because I will jump all over those…. If they meet my stringent investment criteria of course and I am only asking you for 1 example of a 100% or double your investment not 3X, 5X or 10X.

And you know what? That is OK.

99.9% of the people in this world are forced to “settle for less.” So don’t feel too bad (Hell, the banks consistently bombard us with 5% per annum is a good deal…. and we are all taught that anything greater is RISKY.) Try getting RICH on 5% per annum, hell inflation is 4%

But let me ask you this:

What if you had the keys to education that specifically showed you HOW TO participate in early ventures were you could potentially,  double your money* … consistently*? Hell you only have to double $10k just SEVEN times and its a cool Million

Don’t have $10k to start? Well double $1k TEN Times = Nine Hundred And Sixty Very Cool Thousand Dollars. 

How much would that be worth to you? What if you knew that you were participating in opportunities that had the HIGHEST probability of success …regardless of what your bank account looks like now?

Exactly… most people would say you simply can’t put a price on that. Because knowledge like this is 20x more important.

Actually …strike that.

Knowledge this powerful is more important than anything else you will have in your lifetime!


Because think about it:

When you’re 78 years old and sitting on the front porch in a rocking chair reflecting on your entire life, what is going to be more important to you?

The 8,000 bank commercials you got HAMMERED with throughout your life? The countless dollars you blew on Lotto Tickets and Scratchies?

Really I can’t blame you for being skeptical or hesitant, and if you are…. Guess What? Their marketing tactics worked! 

OR you can take the path less traveled…

One that leads to spending the rest of your life like you really want to, made by your very own appropriate trade decisions based on common sense fundamentals in the fastest wealth producing market on the planet.

Lived your life for a couple of months like nobody would so you live out the rest of your life like nobody did!

If that isn’t worth a HANDSOME SUM, than I honestly I don’t know what is.

Well guess what…

You Don’t Have To Spend $10,000 or even $3489 like regular students.

You can own this entire Course for just a small investment of only USD$997. (AUS Residents plus 10% G.S.T.)

That’s it. No “hidden charges” or outrageous shipping fees, no ongoing subscription, you have everything you need. 

The reason I’m pricing it high is because if I simply were to give you this course it would have absolutely no value. However if you paid for it and it hurt your wallet a little bit then you will take notice of the information provided a little more diligently.



You also understand that this is a digital course so the production cost for me to deliver it is significantly lower. Yes? 

You’re getting access to the exclusive members area where you will discover pages of my teachings, Images,  Videos and Mind Map  — EVERYTHING you need to succeed with this method. I leave no stone unturned and nothing is left for you to doubt. Plus my personal email address should you need to ask even just the smallest question.

Personally I think you’re the one getting the better deal here. What do you think?

Think about this:

You can instantly unlock the secrets that could turn your financial future from dismal to INCREDIBLE*.

This took a long time to create, and you will NEVER find these secrets revealed anywhere else especially in this format and this level of detail.

And now you have the chance to own it for just a pennies compared to my other students?!

With this course, your just days away from participation and then the results are just a few short weeks if not days away.

Basically, you become the person that everyone envys: The person that everyone wants to hang around cause you got knowledge to make what ever you want.

Remember, there are only a limited amount of  SPOTS available for this amazing course. 

After those first few people are accepted …your only chance to learn from me personally will be GONE.

There are people stumbling over themselves to get “in line” for this already …

This page will be taken down any minute. As soon as my personal calendar is full, this page will be down forever.

I simply don’t have time for time wasters and procrastinators and…

Honestly, I am expecting this course to sell out TODAY. Some think it will sell out in minutes. So if you are still reading this, it could probably be TOO LATE.

Don’t waste another minute, click the link below to make sure:

Click Now To Claim Your Copy Before Someone Else Does



The hard and cold fact is,

This Is Your Only Chance To Learn The Crypto Millionaire Fast Track Method

Before It Disappears Forever.

If you’re still reading this letter, chances are “YOU BLEW IT!” and “IT’S TOO LATE!”

Hurry up and click the link below and pray to God you haven’t missed your window of opportunity yet.

There are no second chances here.

Once my calendar is full – THAT’S IT.

Look, I went from being broke, well not quite but my cash flow had dried up because I couldn’t find suitable investments to keep my money rolling and compounding at a rate that could sustain my lifestyle, I was frustrated, a job bound pleb making other people rich and to tell you the truth I like making other people rich it gives me a level of self satisfaction I never knew before, I just did not like the job part, bound to some one else’s time schedule.

I had to turn myself into a Master Early Investor and to tell you the truth I really really struggled to accumulate this material, break it down to an easy to follow method were I could continue my other time consuming efforts like work!

My Weekends GONE, Late Nights, Constant Interruptions, sorting the myriad of scammers and believe me in the Crypto World there are many, I had to sort them into the real nuggets of gold.

I had to test, and invest, prove to myself that what I had stumbled upon was REAL. The Returns REAL, then create a simple process that I could repeat day in day out. 

You get to bypass the whole learning curve, the frustration, the opportunity cost of time wasted and go straight to the head of the class in just minutes after watching the first video. That will bring you up to speed and fast.

If you don’t take advantage of this now, you WILL regret it.

Blockchain technology is here to stay, however this course may not, once my calendar is full – THAT’S IT 

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